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Heal Our Soul

Heal Our Soul
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The Muslim Lady

I choose to wear it happily :)

I choose to wear it happily :)
HIJAB, it protects my dignity.

Keep praying :)

Keep praying :)

Shot you!

Shot you!

SMILE and U'll be HAPPY (^_^)

SMILE and U'll be HAPPY (^_^)

This baby is so cute~~

This baby is so cute~~

Read the book and gain the knowledge!

Read the book and gain the knowledge!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Third SBE ^^

Hello, my all sweet readers.
Last week, I had done School Based Experience (SBE) with one of my classmates named Syahida Amira at Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Papan, Bera, Pahang. We did it for a week which it began on 19 March and ended on 23 March 2012. There were many experiences and inputs we got during completing the SBE. This is the first school that has less pupils and teachers which there are 102 and 13 respectively. This condition makes me feel interested to this school because the lesser the number of students, the easier for the teachers to recognize and know them. Also, when there are only thirteen teachers in a school, we can know each other better. Furthermore, I could see that all the teachers there are like a big family. There are so close, kind, friendly and helpful. Plus, it is easily for me to remember and meet all the teachers.

First of all, as usual, I got many new experiences especially in teaching because there were some period that I had to replace teachers who absent on that days. Plus, I also saw some teaching and learning of a teacher because it was one of our task. Every school I went to do SBE, I would enter any classes to relief. Even I did not teach anything, but I tried to do some useful activities in the class so that the pupils would get some inputs.

Besides, the most unforgotten moment and experience that I got from doing SBE at that school is I had to be the Master of Ceremony (MC) for a prize-giving ceremony because there was football games between schools at Mengkarak. Nevertheless, from being MC, I had practiced to talk in from audiences, and in the same time I could increase my self confidence.

Hopefully, my friends and I would grab and gain more experiences in our next SBE. As a result, we can apply them when we are a teacher in the future. SBE is very good for all the trainee teachers in order to expose us to the different school’s environment and culture. That’s all. Thank you.

Here are more pictures captured during SBE at that school :)


Hello, my sweet readers ^^

Teachers. A word that defines about someone who teaches other persons especially at school. They can be strict, funny, energetic or boring teacher. A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others. But, to be a great teacher is not as easy as ABC. They are many characteristics and aspects that determine someone as a good teacher such as knowledgeable, patience, understanding, concern and so on and so forth. And I would like to list only three characteristics of a good teacher.

First, a good teacher is the one who have good relationship with his or her students. Not all teachers in the world have this quality. Teachers who are kind and concern to their students will be loved more by them. Good and Brophy (2000) said that positive teacher-student relationship is characterized by mutual acceptance, understanding, warmth, closeness, trust, respect, care and cooperation. Positive teacher-student relationship will give positive impacts to both parties such as increases the enjoyment in the class, increases the students’ achievement in academic, students will respect and love their teachers and so and so forth. This kind of teacher will be one of the students’ favourite. This is because, usually these teachers are very nice to their students but at the same time they are very strict in a certain things.  

In addition, great teachers should have excellent teaching skills and variety of strategies and techniques used during their lessons. This is because to ensure that the students will not get bored and they will enjoy in learning any subjects in the classroom. Teachers must be creative and innovative so that they can do something different and interesting in order to attract their students to learn the subjects well. Furthermore, the students will feel more interested to learn and easier to understand what has their teacher teaches. No wonder if the students feel so motivated to come school every day since they know that the teachers have variety of activities and techniques when teaching. 

Besides, a good teacher is the one who can be a role model to students and another teachers too. Teachers who can be the role model usually have good behaviors and at the same time, they are knowledgeable and excellent in teaching. Also, a good teacher is very patience and persistence in teaching the students who have variety of manners and behaviors. As you know, pupils nowadays are so advanced which they have exposed too much things. Teacher should be very wise in managing this condition. Good teacher also the one who are willing to scarify energy, times and money to make sure that all the students will be the successful persons in the future.

In conclusion, to be a great teacher is difficult. Sometimes, we cannot withstand our students’ manners and all the obstacles that come. A great teacher should be the strongest person because students always look their teachers’ actions rather than words. Even it is not easy to be the best teachers, but it is not impossible. Everyone can be a good teacher if we try our best to be one of them. And make sure that one of our intentions is to produce students who will be useful to everybody in the world.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

They're MARRIED!

Hello, good day everyone.

Do u read the tittle of this entry? Of course, u do.
You know, this short holiday, tow friends of mine have married.
Both of them are my ex-schoolmates.
One of them are my senior and another one is from my batch.

Wish they will be happy with their hubby till the Jannah.
They're married.
When will me?
One fine day, insyaAllah ^^

Happy DAY~

~Hello, and a very good morning sweeties~

Today is my third day of HOLIDAY.
And I'm home now!
What a nice feeling to be here. hihihi >.<

Three days ago, it was my special day.
You know why?
Because it was the date of my BIRTHDAY.

I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those who remember my birthday.
And the most important is enormous THANKFUL to sis Radiah and Jamilah for their supercute and wonderful gift.
my nickname ^^

That's all.
May all of u will have a nice day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hemo and ME ^^

Hello sweet readers ^^

Are u going to sleep now?

Before I close my eyes to have a sweet dream, I want to show you my friend.
Its name is HEMO. It a friend of my friend. 
Hi, my name is Hemo. I look so cute, right? Hihi

And below are some it's pictures.
Tonight it is going to sleep with me, not with its owner.
I took it away. Huhu >.<

in front of my lappy ^^

Alright, that's all for tonight.
Wish that all of you will be sleep tight, with nice dreams, and do not forget to wake up for tomorrow's morning ^^

Nyte dearies~

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello, sweeties.

Nothing to say.

But wish this picture would be going to tell you something about me.

That's all.


p/s: Actually, it suppose to be WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. But since I post this entry on Thursday, I change the day. >.<